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rotation shall ply on Sundays, from ten o'clock forenoon
until ten at night, at the ordinary fares.
13tio, That the fare to Leitb, during the race week,
for one hour before and one hour after the horses starting,
shall be ten shillings for the first hour, and one shilling
for every half hour.
J 4/o, That there shall be no additional charge made
for taking up or setting down any part of a company un-
less the coach shall be detained.
] 5/o, That each coachman shall be cleanly in his per-
son, wear a ticket on th* front of his coat, with the num-
ber corresponding to that on his coach, under the penalty
of five shillings for each offence by not wearing it.
l6to, Parties returning by the same coach from any
place, whether in town or at a distance in the country, to
pay one half fare additional as back fare.
IJtnOy That tliese regulations be enforced by the Ma-
gistrates or Judge of Police.
An Admeasurement of the most com-
mon One Shilling, Eighteen-penny,
Two Shilling, Two Shilling and Six-
pence, Three Shilling and Sixpence,
Four Shilling, Four Shilling and Six-
pence, and Five Shilling Fares.
One Shilling Fares.
From the Stand, Tron Church, To s. d. m. f.
Argyll square - - - 10 2
Assembly Rooms, George street - 10 5!
1813. 2G

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