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William Macao, Cashier of Yachts
John Lowrie, Inspector of Yachts
Daniel M'Lean, Warehouse keeper Edinburgh
JNJiss Graham Milne, Housekeeper
George Williamson, Constable in Edinburgh
William Munro, Constable in Leith
George Muirhead, Principal Doorkeeper
Thomas Grubb, Clerk of Postage Accounts
John Adams, Usher
Alexander Gray, John Lockhart, J. Wilson, George
Black, and Thomas Loader, Doorkeepers
James Sheppard, Gardener
James Paton, Coal-porter
General Tax-Office, 84. Prince Street.
Henry Mackenzie, Esq. Comptroller
James Mackenzie, Esq. Assistant
T, Brown, and T. Campbell, Assistant General Surveyors
Robert Dunbar, 1st clerk
James Glover, 2d ditto
James Carmichael, 3d ditto
W. Robson, 4th ditto
Henry Jardine, Esq. Solicitor
David Calder,. Messenger
Robert Maughan, Geo. Black, and Tho. Kyd, Inspectors
James Robertson, Surveyor for the County
John Murray, ditto
W. A. Paterson ditto
William Cunningham, ditto
John Allan, Assistant
John Caird, ditto
Alexander Davidson and Robert Thomson, Surveyors for
the Gtv

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