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Sir John Sinclair, Bart. Cashier
Hugh Broughton, Esq. Deputy Cashier and Billman-
James Young, Win. Robertson, and James Hill junior,
Clerks in Cashier's office
John Linning, Cashier to the Excise Incorporation Fund
John Gleed, Esq. Solicitor
James Bonar, Esq. 2d Solicitor
Daniel Ross, and Peter Turbet, Clerks in Solicitor's office
James Home, Esq. Agent before the Court of Session
Robert Mitford, Esq. Agent at London
James Dundas and James Hamilton, Esqrs. Accountants-
William Macao, John Edgar, George Young, John Moffat,
G. B. Morton, John Linning, John Stewart, John W,
Broughton, And. Turnbull, Hugh Murray, and James
Richardson, Accountants
William Anderson, A. Sanderson, J. Torrance, Henry-
Watson, James Bonar junior, and Graham Mitchell,
Assistant Accountants
Patrick White, Register of Seizures
Andrew Turnbull, Debenture Clerk
Alex. Mitchell, 1st Permit Examiner
Robert Barclay, 2d ditto
James Fletcher, General Examiner
William Wintour, Diary Clerk
Robert Lawrie, General Surveyor of Edinburgh
Tho. Spens, E. Crosbie, James Cornwall, and William
Gillespie, General Supervisors
Alexander Merchant, John Gardner, Hector Swanson,
Robert Harper, Peter Henderson, James Cumming,
Duncan Campbell, William Wright, George Arthur,
John M'Naughtane, George Hart, William Lawson,
Thomas Stewart, John Brown, William Inglis, Examiners
Alexander Merchant, Entry Keeper
[David Pearson, Storekeeper
jjHugh Murray, Assistant Storekeeper
uohn Edgar, Agent for Yachts
1813. 2C

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