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Ferrier, J. P. , 6 Albert place, Leith walk
Farrier, James, teacher of drawing, 12 Queen st.
FeiTier, Robert, inspector of meters, 8 Royal
Exchange ; house, 5 South Clerk street
Ferrier, Tliomas H. , W. S. , 4 Atholl crescent
Ferrier, Mrs, ladies' and sick nurse, 5 Buc-
cleucli place
Ferrier, Mrs, 26 Summerfield place
Ferrier, Mrs, 15 St James' scj^uare
Ferrier, Mrs, 20 Dean terrace
Ferrier, Miss, music teacher, 26 Summerfield pi.
Ferrier, Miss H. C, 25 Merchiston avenue
Ferris, Thomas, plasterer. Windmill close, 2b
Crosscauseway ; house, 16 Gladstone terrace
Ferry, James, grocer, 25 Yardheads
Fiddes, WiUiam, 2 Gardner's crescent
Fidler, George, 21 Livingstone place
Field & Allan, slate, marble, and glass mer-
chants, and stained glass manufacturers :
works and office, Bangor road, Leith ; wan^-
house, 27 Frederick street
Field k Co. 's London porter store, 7 Quality
street ; John A. Bertram & Co., agents
Field, Rev. E. Burch, of Moreland, 43 Moray pi.
Field, James Hamilton, 43 Moray place
Field, Thomas, slate merchant, etc., Hawkhill,
Locheud road
Field, Wm., slate merchant, 13 Montgomery st.
Field, Mrs William, 144 Duke street, Leith
Field, Miss, 23 Salisbury street
Field, Miss, 11 Stanhope place
Fielding, Miss, 8 Cumberland street
Fife, John, house painter, 2 Hope street ; house,
1 Manor place
Fife, Mrs, 4 Henderson row
Fife, Miss, 20 Rankeillor street
Figgans, George, shipmaster, 65 Prince Regent st.
Figgins, Alex., watchmaker, 21 S. College st.
Finch, Mrs W. M., 18 East Preston street
Findlater, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 103
High street ; house, 243 Leith walk, Leith
Findlater, Andrew, LL. D., 15 Rillbank terrace
Findlay, Charles, merchant, 4 Montgomery st.
Findla}^, John Ritchie [Scotsman Office), .8 Rut-
land square
Findlay, John, chmx-li officer, St Cuthbert'.s, 18
Semple street
Findlay, Jolm, liveiy stables, Charlotte pi. lane
Findlay, Mrs, 13 Castle terrace
Findlay, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 204 Rose street
Fingzies, Alex., mason, 2 Elm place
Fingus, Js., spirit mer., 74 St Andrew st., Leith
Finlay & Wilson, S.S.C, 29 St Andi-ew square
Finlay, H. W., &Co., wine and spirit merchauts,
52 Lothian street
Finlay, Wm., & Son, cabinetmakers, uphol-
sterers, and carpet warehousemen, 81 Princes
st. and Paul's work ; house, 2 S. St David st.
Fialay, Charles Patrick, W.S. (Macnaughton <£•
P.), 35 Dublin street
Finlay, Charles, 40 York place
Finlay, Gilbert L., 17 Northumberland street
Finlay, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 29
Broughton street
Finlay, James, solicitor, 29 St Andrew square
Finlay, John, 16a Scotland street
Finlay, J, Hope, W.S. {Cotton <L- F.), 40 York pi.
Finlay, Robt., S.S.C. and N.P., 2 Queen street ;
house. Hillside, Duddingston
Finlaj', Thomas, fishmonger, poulterer, and game
dealer, 51a Charlotte street, Leith
Finlay, Thomas, 63 Cumberland street
Finlay, William, M.D., F.R.C.P., Lochleyen
lodge. Trinity road
Finlay, Wm., sec. Scot. Equit. Assur. Society, 26
St Andrew sq. ; house, Braidfoot, Grange loan
Finlay, William, 3 Deanbank terrace
Finlay, William, S.S.C, 69 Northimiberland .st.
Finlay, Mrs, lodgings, 1 Hill square
Finlay, !Mrs, 16 East Norton place
Finlay, Miss, 1 Moncreiff' terrace
Finlay, E., dressmaker, 322 Lawnmarket
Finlayson, Daniel, & Sou, tailors, clothiers,
habit aud breeches makers, 21 George street ;
house, 1 Lord Russell place
Finlayson, Alex. , smith, 6 Alva place
Finlayson, Mat., dentist, 161 Constitution street
Finlayson, Robert C, agent for Smith & Shar}>,
Glasgow, 25 Howe street
Finlaj^son, Robert, baker, 10 Cai'negie street
Finlayson, Thomas B., 6 Union place
Finlayson, Thomas, lodgings, 48 Melville street
Finlayson, Thomas, advocate, 25 Howe street
Finlayson, Thomas, pharmaceutical chemist, 1
North Fort street ; house, 2
Finlayson, Rev. Thomas, D.D., 25 Howe street
Finlayson, Rev. William G., school for the edu-
cation of young ladies, 1 4 Buccleuch place
Finlayson, Mrs, 9 Brighton street
Finla3'son, Mrs, waitress, 47 Cumberland street
Finnie k Co., van aud lorry builders, spring and
axle makers, 29 Commercial street
Finnie, W. R. & J., brush manufacturers, 3
Finnie, George, 52 Madeira street
Finnie, Thomas, agent, 3 Cromwell street
Finnie, William R., 37 Arthm- street
Finnie, ilrs, 3 Washington street
Finnie, Miss Agnes, 11 Lauriston park
Finnie, Miss, 20 Buckingham terrace
Finnigan, Peter, tailor, 20 Lauriston street
Finnigan, Mrs C., spirit merchant, 140 Cowgate
Finnis, Peter, 21 Carnegie street
FiEE-LiGHTEii Factohy, 14Leithwalk; William
Calder, manager
Firth, William, Rose villa, Viewforth
master of the Merchant Company's Schools,
19 Cumberland street. iJ^See Adv.
Fischer, F., 35 Barony street
Fisher, Wm., k Sou, bootmakers, 11 Catherine st.
Fisher, Alexander, 4 Hay street
Fisher, D., wine and spirit merchant, 78 Cross-
Fisher, David, 19 Bristo place
Fisher, John, spirit merchant, 165 Pleasance
Fisher, John, tobacconist, 2 Baker's place
Fisher, John ( W. F. <fc Son), 1 Windsor .street
Fisher, John S., hosier and haberdasher, 80
Nicolson street ; house, 2 Blackwood crescent
Fisher, Peter, spirit merchant, 1 South Rich-
mond street aud 25 West Richmond street ;
house, 7 East Adam street
Fisher, William, 4 Ferry road
Fisher, William, 8 Viewforth terrace
Fisher, Mrs, ladies' nurse, 49 India place
Fisher, Mrs, 1 Vanbiu'gh place
Fisher, Mrs, 22 India street

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