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Fisken, Mrs, 32 Brougliton place
Fiti, William, cutter, John's place
Fitzpatrick, J., tailor & clotliier, 262 Colgate
Fitzpatrick, Mrs, 16 Comely bank
Flach, Lambert, teacher of music, 7 Mont-
gomery place
FLAjSTNIGAJST, M., pa\\Tibroker and jeweller,
4i South bridge. ^See Adv.
Fleming, A. B., & Co.'s chemical works, 9 Sala-
mander sti'eet
Fleming, A. B., 12 Eton terrace
Fleming, Alex., "W.S., 20 L^medoch place
Fleming, Alex. , S. S. C. , 1 Manor place
Fleming, Andi-ew, S.S.C. {Muir <i- F.), 18
Picai'dy place
Fleming, Charles, 7 Cornwall sti-eet
Fleming, Charles, 10 College street
Fleming, David, corkcutter, 21 Buccleuch street
Fleming, George, baker, 2 and 3 ]\Ierchiston
ten'ace, 2 Bristo port, and 130 High street ;
house, Marion^•ille, Merchiston
Fleming, James, dau-y, 76 Xorthumberland st.
Fleming, James, wholesale merchant, Lochrin
^ugar and rice mills ; ho. 1 Upper Gilmore pi.
Fleming, J. B. , M. D. , 38 Manor place
Fleming, J. C, IS Paumure place
Fleming, J. T., 16 Grosvenor crescent
Fleming, John, wine and spii'it merchant, 17
Buccleuch street ; house, 35 "West Nicolson st.
Fleming, John, 14 George street
Fleming, John, Palace hotel, 109 Princes street
Fleming, Eev. John, 18 Blacket place
Fleming, John, 35 West Nicolson street
Fleming, Thomas A., 1 Hill square
Fleming, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 93
West port ; house, 23 Bread street
Fleming, Rev. William, 1 Mercliistou crescent
Fleming, iirs, 3 Napier road
Fleming, ilrs, 14 Gladstone terrace
Fleming, Mrs, mid-oife, 23 Howe street
Fleming, Mr.s, 35 Dick place
Fleming, Sirs, 3 Cornwall street
Fleming, Miss, dressmaker, 23 Howe street
Fleming, Janet, grocer, 172 Eose street
Flemington, Ancli-ew S., joiner and cabinetmaker,
6 Church lane ; house, 15 Bruus^Tick street
Flemington, Archibald, 3 Horne terrace
Flemington, James, waiter, 140 Eose street
Fletcher, Angus, of Duuans, advocate, 8 Ran-
dolph crescent
Fletcher, Chas. B., cabinetmaker, 27 Dundas st.
Fletcher, John {Traill <£• F.), 15 Leopold place
Fletcher, Petei', geographical globe maker and
map mounter, 7 Clyde street
Flett, David, writer, St Helen's, Hatton place
Flett, Geo., tailor and clothier, 18 Sandport st.
Flett, Samuel, 6 Robertson place
Flett, WiUiam, tea dealer, 3 Bank street, Leith ;
house, 10 Bonnington terrace
Flett, Mrs, 34 Glover street
Flett, iirs, ladies' nurse, 44 India place
Flett, Mrs Jessie, china merchant, 283 Portland
place, Leith
Flint, F. W., window ticket writer, 9 Antigua
Flint, Henry, timber merchant, Torphicheu
street ; house, 2 AthoU lane
Flint, Mrs, furrier, 10 Antigua sti'eet
rUnt, JMr.?, 15 Ann street
Flockhart, Henry, 50 Gilmore place
Flockhart, H., 29 Inverleith row
Flockhart, Jas. , painter and glazier, 24 Chai-les st.
Flockhart, Thomas, grocer and spu'it merchant,
3 West Anthony place ; house, 5
Flockhart, Mrs W. , Gairney house, York road
Flockhart, Jane, toy warehouse, 4 Bristo place
Flockhart, Miss, milliner and dressmaker, 12
Morrison street
Flowers, Thomas G., historical engraver, 1
Athoil crescent ; house, 18 Torphichen street
Flynn, John (G. P.O.), 7 Grindlay street
Fog, E., coal merchant, 2 Dock place ; house, 5
Madeira place
Foggo, Robert, fish salesman, Fishmarket ; house,
21 St John's hill
Fogo, iirs ]\Iurray, 3 Manor place
Foley, Mrs H., broker, 124 Cowgate
Fonseca, Joseph H., designer, 16 Melville ter.
Foord & Moil-, tanners, curriers, and shoemakers,
10 Johnston terrace
Foord, John {F. d- Moir), 2 Keir street
Foote, John, fruiterer, 23 Dundas street
Foote, Mrs, 14 Warriston crescent
FORBES, DUISrCAN, & SONS, millwi-ights and
macliine makers, 90 Candlemaker row. ^See
Forbes, J. & J., builders and joiners, Cambridge st.
Forbes, Peter, k Co., M'ine and brandy mer-
chants, agents for ]\rartell & Co., Cognac, 7
George street
: Forbes, Alex. , bookliinder, 5 Milne's court
Forbes, Alex., assist, keeper of Register of Deeds
and Protests, etc.. General Register House, 13
Dick place
Forbes, Alex., coach-hirer, 24 Pitt street
Forbes, Alex. M., 24 Buccleuch place
Forbes, Alex., greengi'ocer, 53 Crosscaviseway
Forbes, Alex. R. , wiiter, 1 London street
Forbes, Andrew W. , Shrub vale, Leith walk
Forbes, A., buUder, carpenter, and house agent,
5 West Newingtou pi. ; workshop, Mayfield st,
Forbes, D. (/. tfc /. Robertson), 7 North Fort st.
Forbes, David, 4 West Newington terrace
Forbes, Duncan (D. F. d; Son), 11 Johnston ter.
Forbes, George, 7 Cumin place
Forbes, George, spirit merchant, CauonmilLs ;
house, 2 Huntlj^ street
Forbes, George, 59 Broughtou sti-eet
Forbes, James, 2 Hope park crescent
Forbes, James (/. d- J. F.}, 16 Drumdryau street
Forbes, John, 30 Earl Grey street
Forbes, John, 19 Portland 2>lace, Leith
Forbes, John, 41 James street
Forbes, John (/. d- J. F.), 8 Dewar place
Forbes, John, 59 Brougliton sti-eet
Forbes, Robert, 31 Prince Regent street
Forbes, R. S., surveyor of taxes, 14 Waterloo
place ; house, Lutton place
Forbes, Roderick, writer, 4 Devon place
Forbes, Walter, M.D., 4 West Newington ter.
Forbes, Walter, plumlDcr, brassfounder, and gas-
fitter, Swinton row ; house, 6 Elm row
Forbes, William, provision dealer, 52 Shore
Forbes, William, Teviot row
Forbes, William, advocate, 17 Ainslie place
Forbes, Mrs, ladies' nurse and midwife, 162
Rose street
Forbes, Mrs, 7 St Anthony place

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