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TUR-~TYT 2ia
Turing, Sir Robert Bart. 55. George street
TurnbuU and Gall, printers, old Assembly close
TurnbuU, David cattle-dealer and vintner, 86. South
Tiirnbuil, Francis cabinet-maker, 2. King street
Turnbull, John woolkn-draper, High street, — house,
76. Prince street
Turnbull, John baker, Buchanan' court, Lawnmar-
Turnbull, Thomas general agent, 1. Antigua street
Turnbull, William woollen-draper, Cro^s
Turnbull, Mrs broker, foot of Cowgate
Turnbull, Misses 4. Charles' street
Turner, George spirit-dealer. Horse wynd
Turner, James wright, furnished lodgings, 3. cas',
Richmond street
Turner, John plasterer^ upper Campbell' close
Turner, Peter porter-dealer, 2. south St David street
Turner, Robert furnished lodgings, George-inn, Biis-
to street
Turner, Mrs midwife, Covenant close
Tweedell, Geotge grocer, Portsburgh
Twecdell, Wm. writer, east end Grassmarket
Tweedie, Alexander haberdasher, 1. Nicolson stEjBetj-— »
house above
Tweedie, James baker, head of Canongate
Tweedie, John esq. W, S. 56. Queen street ;c.{
Tweedie, P. carver and gilder, 65. Nicolson street
Tweedie, Mrs of Quarter, Kamsay court, Infirmary
Tyrie, A. shoemaker, low Calton
Tytler, Dr Hay' court, Portsburgh
Tytler, James esq. W. S. 9. Duke strtet
Tvtler, Lieut. Col. Rosemount
'TS08. Xf ^

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