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244 URE— VEI
IUre, Masterton, esq. W. S. 50. Queen street
Urquhart. David merchant, Lucketibooths
Urquhart, Henry ladies hairdresser, perfumer, and fur-
nished lodgings, 13. George street
Urquhart, Wm. upholsterer, 44. !^outh bridge
Urquhart, William agent, L George street, south
Urquhart, William toot a^d shoe maker, 2. Catherine
Usher, Andrew agent, 59. South bridge, — house,
Blcrchant street
T AIR, Daniel esq. advocate, 22. Elder street
Valence, David and Company, merchants and genera!
agents, 13.' Catherine street
Valence, Jarhes grocer, opposite Queensberry house,
' Canongate
Valence, M. changekeeper. Canal street
Valence, William glover, west Register street
Vanderlinder, M. spirit-dealer, 17. east Rose street
Vaughan, Mrs 36. west end of Rose street
Veitch, Commissioner, 35. George square
Veitch, George writer, 4. south Charlotte street
1808. ' ^ . •

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