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will put him to,death • all the birds in
general join in pairs and keep fo ; but
the dove refembles the adulderer, for
when the fhe one turns old, he pays
her away and takes another; the fo-
cufts obferve militaryorder and march
in bands j the frogs refemble pipers
and preachers, for the young ride the
old to death.
CK Who are the merriefl; and hear-
tieft people in the world ?
A. The Tailors, for they’ll be iihg-
ing and curfing one another, when
the waves, their graves, are going o-
ver their heads.
Cf Which are the diforderlieft crea¬
tures in battle ?
A. Cows and dogs, for they all fall
upon them that are neathmoffc.
Q. Who are the vaineft fort of peo¬
ple in the world ?
A. A barber, a tailor, a young fol-
dier and poor dominie
What is the great caufe of the
barber’s vanity ?
A. His being admitted to trim no¬
blemens chafts, thyke their fculls, take
kings by the nofe, and hold a razor to

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