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to his very throat, which no fubjeft
elfe dare do.
Q. What is the great caufe of the
tailor’s pride ?
A. His making of peoples new
clothes, of which every perfon, young
and old, are proud of, then who can
walk vainer than a tailor carrying
home a gentleman’s clothes.
What is the caufe of a young
foldier’s pride ?
A. When be lifts, he is free from his
mother’s corredtion, and the hard u-
fage of a bad mafter, has liberty to
curfe, fwear, whore, and every other
thing, until convinc’d by four halberts
and the drummer’s whip, that he has
now got a military and civil law above
his head, and perhaps worfe mafters
than ever.
Q. What is the caufe of the poor
dominie’s pride ?
A. As he is the teacher of the young
and ignorant, he fuppofes no man
knows what he knows, and the boys
tail him mafter, therefore he thinks
himfelf a' great man.
Q. What fort of a fong is it is that

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