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farmer’s houfe, that night the dog loft
his property, the licking of the pot.
Q. What creature refembles rnoft
a drunken piper;
A A cat when (he ftps milk ; flic
always lings, and fo does a piper when
he drinks good ale,
Ck What is the reafon a dog runs
twice round about before he lies down
A. Becauf$ he does not know the
head of his bed from the foot of it.
CX What creature > refembles moft
a long. lean,, ill-looking, greafy fac’d
lady for pride ?
A. None fo much as a cat, who is
continually fpitting in. her lufe and
rubbing her face, as many of fuch
ladies do their brown leather.
CX Amonglt what fort of creatures
will you obferve moll of a natural law:
A. The hare and the hind meet at
one certain day in the year; the broad
goofe lays her firil egg on Faf ern’s
Even, old ftile ; the crows begin to
build tbeir nelts the firil of March, old
llile ; the fwahs obferve matrimony,
and if the female die, the male dares
not take up with another, or the reft

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