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War Services of the General Officers.
106 Major General Law served with the 71st Light Infantry on Sir John Moore’s retreat,
at tin; action of Lago, and battle of Corunna. Expedition to Waleheren, siege and surrender
of LVr Ver and Flushing. Subsequently in Portugal, Spain, aud South of France from 1S10 to
1811,—a' tion at S ibraon on entering the lines of Torres Vedras, pursuit of Massena through
Portugal, hitile ot Fuentes L'Onor 3rd and Odi May 1811 (wounded in two places), covering
the two la;t ^i'ges of Badajoz, surprise and defeat of Girard’s corps atArrojade Molino.
storming aud oestruetion of the enemy’s tete (!e pont and other works at Ahuaraz, defence of
Alba de Tormes, battles in the Pyrenees in July 1813, where, on the 30th, the command of an
important Post devolved on him ; attack on Sauraren, capture at Ellisonda' of the convoy of sup¬
plies destined for the relief of Pampeluna, battles of the Nivelle and Nivc, action at Cambo,
affairs at Hellette, St. Palais, Arrivarettc, and Garris, and action at Aire. Employed in command
ot an armed boat in night duties, affairs with pickets at Urt on the river Adour, b ittle ot Sr. Pierre
near 11 lyonne, 13th Dae. 1813, battle of Orthes, and action at Tarbes (wounded). In the foregoing
services he was long Adjutant of his Regt. and latterly acted as such t > the Light Battalion of
his Brigade. Served also the campaign of 181o, including the battle ot Waterloo where he was
severely wounded by a cannon shot which also killed his horse. Served three years in the
Army of Occupation in France. He has received the War Medal with six Clasps, and is a KH.
107 Major General L’Estrange served the campaign of 1808-9 in Spain with the 14th, and
was present at the battle of Corunna. Capture of the Isle of France in 1810 Capture of
Java in 1811, and engaged with a Dutch brigade at St. Nicholas. At the storming of a strung
Dutch I'ort on the coast of Bantam. Oa board II.M.S. Roscius at the boarding and capture
of eleven French gun-boats. Present at the siege and storm of Cornelis, and storm and
capture of the heights of Serandole. At the capture of the town and fortress of Sambas, Isle
of Borneo, in March 1813. Nepaul war in 1816 ; siege and capture of Hattras in March 1817 ;
Mahratta campaign in 1817 and 18 : siege and storm of Bhurtpore under Lord Combermtre.
lie has received the War Medal and two Clasps for Corunna and Java.
108 Major General Williamson served with the 27 th Regt. in the Kaffir war of 1831 3o( Meda1).
109 Sir Charles Van Siraubenzce served throughout the campaign against the Itajah ofCoorg
in 1834 resulting in the annexation of that territory. As Major he succeeded to tire command
of the 39th Regt dating the action of Maharajpore, Gwalior (Medal and Brevet of Lt.
Colonel) on 29th D ‘C. 1843. Commanded the British Contingent in Greece from Nov. 1854 to
April 1855, when he proceeded in command of the Buffs to the Crimea ami cutitinuid there in
command of a Brigade until July 185G; was present at the two assaults of the Redan in June
and September, at the former he commanded a separate Brigade, and at the latter of the Is
Brigade Light Division when he was slightly wounded (Medal and Clasp, CJB., Officer of the
Legion of Honor, Strdinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). Pn needed
to China in command of a Brigade in 1857 and succeeded to the command of the forces there
in November ; commanded the land forces at the capture by assault and occupation of the
city of Canton on 29th Dec. 1857 and in all subsequent minor operations and continued in
command of the British forces in China until March 1860 (KCB., Medal uni Clasp).
110 Major General Parke served in co-operation with the Spanish forces aud Legion mar
San Sebastian, and under Espartero in raising the siege of Btlboa—Medal (Knight 1st Class St.
Fernando and Knight of Isabella the Catholic).
111 Major General Jardine served during the Indian campaign of 1858, including the c ccu-
pation, after the relief of Lucknow, of the fortified outpost* and camp with Outram’s fa. ce and
repulse of the enemy’s attacks (Medal).
112 Major General W. G. Gold served as Lt.Colonel in the 53nl Regt. in the campaign on
the Sutlej, including the affair of Buddiwal, battles of Aliwal and Sobraon (wounded). He
commanded the Regiment during the subsequent operations (Medal and Clasp).
113 Major General Hurdle was at the attack on the forts and harbour of C 'uragf aux in
1815 ; ana battle of Navarino in 1827 (War Medal with one Clasp). lie served during the re¬
volutionary war in Greece in 1828, aud received the Cross of the Redeemer of Greece. Was
present in the engagement at Punta Obligada in the river Pa ana on the 20tl> Nov. 18 45. lor
which he received the Brevet rank of Major. Commanded the Brigade of Royal Marines
serving with the army in the Crimea, including the battle of Bilaklava, siege and fall of Se¬
bastopol in 1854-55 ; commanded the 2nd Brigade of the Army at the surrender of Kuibourn
Medal and Clasps, CB., Aide-de Camp to the Queen, Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sar¬
dinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie).
115 Major Gemral Walker landed in the Crimea on the 22ud Sept. 1854 and commanded
the Scots Fusilier Guards in the subsequent campaign, including the battles ot Balaklava and
Inkerman (received three wounds, one severe, and had his horse shot under him) siege of Se¬
bastopol (wounded), and repulse of the sortie 2Gth Oct. (Medal and Clasps, CB., Cffic r of
the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Cass of the Medjidie).
116 Major General Drought served uninterruptedly for 41 years in the 15th Regt, the last
ten as Lt.-Col. Commanding. He commanded the entire of the troops in the Kandian P. i-
vinces in Ceylon during the successful suppression of the Rebellion in 1848 ;—received the
thanks of the Queen and of the Local Government, and was most honourably mtntioned
throughout in the Dispatches of the Governor and Commander in Chief. He was continued
commandant of those Provinces for four years (two years longer than the usual period) in
consideration of the services he rendered. On quitting the command the European residents
and the loyal chiefs presented him and his Regiment with a most gratifying address accom¬
panied by a valuable testimonial.

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