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26 War Services of the General Officers.
the2UtAug. 1805. Assisted in the disembarkation of tlie British Army in Portugal in Aug. 1808,
and at its embarkation during and after the battle of Corunna in 1809. Accompanied the
expedition to Waleheren the same year, and served in the squadron of gun-boats in the Scheltd
covering the disembarkation of the army, and at the bombardment and capture of the fortresses
of Ter Yere, Eamakins, and Flushing. Landed with a division of sailors on the Island of
South Beveland, and was present at the taking of Fort Batz, and at the subsequent defence and
repulse of the enemy in their repeated efforts to repossess themselves of that important post;
also in frequent gun-boat actions co-operating with the army during their evacuation of those
islands in 1810. He quitted the Navy and entered the Army in Feb, 1811, and joined the 4th
Regt. in Portugal in August of the same year, and served in that corps and the 77th, into which
he was prorpoted from that period, to the termination of that war in 1814, without being a day
absent from his Regt. He was present at the siege and storming of Badajoz, at the operations
on the Bidassoa and Adour, and affairs at St. Jean de Luz, and at the Mayor’s House in front
of Bidart in Dec. 1813, and at the investment of Bayonne and repulse of the sortie. He has
received the War Medal with one Clasp for Badajoz.
84 Major General Nepean served in the Peninsula with the 16th Light Dragoons and was
present at the battle of the Nive on the 9th Dec. 1813, for which action he has received the War
Medal with one Clasp. He served also the Waterloo campaign.
86 Lord Albemarle served the Waterloo campaign with the 14th Foot.
90 Major General Elers Napier was present with the Nizam’s Subsidiary Force at the in¬
vestment of Hyderabad in 1830. Served on the British Staff in the Syrian campaign of
1840-41, with the local rank of Lt.Colonel and Assistant Adjutant General ; held a respon¬
sible and independent command of an Irregular Force in the Naplouse mountains ; afterwards
employed as Commissioner with a portion of the Turkish army (Brevet of Lt.Colonel, Syrian
Medal and Gold Medal from the Sultan). Was subsequently employed on Diplomatic Missions
by Lord Aberdeen and Lord Palmerston,—first, to bring back from the interior of Africa the
chiefs of Mount Lebanon, who had been seized by Ibrahim Pisha and sent by Mehemet Ali to
work in the mines of Sennaar ; and, secondly, to convey back to Beyrout several thousand
Syrian soldiers, who, contrary to the terms of the convention, had been retained in Egypt
—was successful in the accomplishment of both these Missions. Was employed on the staff,
with rank of Assist. Adjutant General, in the Kaffir war of 1840-47 (Medal), during which
was in charge of Native Levies and Irregular troops attached to the 1st division, and organized
a body of Irregular Horse, the nucleus of what subsequently became the Kaffir Mounted Police.
91 Major General Harvey served on the British Staff in the Syrian Campaign of 1840-41
as a Local Major and Assistant Adjutant General, and in conjunction with Mr. Wood, British
Political Agent, collected the Cavalry Levies of the Emir Bechir, and was present with them
and the Turkish Forces at the affair with the garrison of Gaza near Ascalon (Brevet of Lt.
Colonel, Syrian Medal, and Gold Medal from the Sultan). Having rejoined his .Regt., the
14th Lt. Dragoons, then in India, in 1842, was present with a portion of it in 1844 at the bom¬
bardment and capture of the Mahratta fortresses of Panulla and Powunghur, and in command
of the 3rd Brigade of the Field Force, when on the assault of Panulla by the 1st and 2nd
Brigades, the fortress of Pawunghur was taken by the 3rd Brigade (received in General
Orders the thanks of the Bombay Government).
92 Major General Dames served in the 66th Regt. in Canada during the rebellion of 1837-38.
Served in the 37th in Ceylon, and w^ sent on to India with 500 men of the Regt. in June 1837,
on the outbreak of the mutiny. At Ghuzeepore disarmed a regiment of Native Infantry, the
Dinapore mutineers threatening that station. Was besieged at Azimghur by Koer Sing’s force,
and had his horse shot under him while making a sortie for the purpose of taking a gun that
was constantly firing on our entrenchments (Medal).
94 Major General Malcolm served on the China expedition (Medal).
96 Major General Sandilands served with the expedition to Walcheren; also the campaign
of 1815, and was engaged on the 17th June with the Horse Artillery in covering the retiring
movement from Quatre Bras, and on the 18th of June he was present at the battle of Waterloo.
99 Major General Ridley commanded the Grenadier Guards and afterwards a Brigade in
the 1st Division at the siege and fall of Sebastopol from 1st Dec. 1854 (Medal ana Clasp,
Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian and Turkish Medals, and 3rd Class of the Mcd-
102 Major General Vigors served throughout the campaigns of 1838 and 39 in Affghanistan.
Commanded the two Flank Companies of the 13th Light Infantry, which formed a part of
the force under Sir Robert Sale sent in pursuit of the ruler of Candahar, brother of the king
of Cabool ; crossed the rapid Helmond with eighteen men (the advance) on a small raft, landed
close to the Fort of Giriskh, which was found just vacated by the enemy. He commanded the
left Flank Company of the 13th, with the forlorn hope, under Col. Dennic, at the storm and
capture of the fort of Ghuznee (Medal), and was also present at the capture of Cabool, and
in other minor affairs.
103 Lieut. General Grierson served at Cadiz during parts of 1812 and 1813, and afterwards
on the eastern coast of Spain.
104 Major General Richardson-Robertson served in South Africa, in command of the suc¬
cessful expedition against the insurgent Emigrant Boers, beyond the Orange River, in 1845.
Also as Brigadier, and in command of the 7th Dragoon Guards in the Kaffir campaign of
1846-7 (Medal and CB.)
105 Major General Braybrooke served at the capture of the Kandian territories in 1815,
and in the Kandian rebellion in 1817-18.

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