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War Services of the Colonels.
4S Colonel Crabbe served in the Peninsula from Jan. 1810 to the 31st Dec. 1812, and
again from June 1813 to the end of the war, including the whole of the retreat to the lines of
Torres Vedras ; battle of Busaco ; the advance from the lines to Guarda ; first siege of
Badajoz ; siege and storm of Ciudad Rodrigo ; siege and storm of Badajoz ; battle of
Salamanca ; capture of Madrid, and subsequent retreat through Spain ; battles of Nivelle, Nive,
Vic, Tarbes, Orthes, and Toulouse, and the whole of the various minor affairs during that
period. Wounded 15th March 1811, at F< z d’Avouce, when commanding a party which drove
a French piquet from the said village. Wounded again at Toulouse, when attacking the Tele
de Pont. He has received the War Medal with eight Clasps.
49 Colonel Burney served at the capture of Ischia and Procida, in 1809 ; defence of
Cadiz in 1810 ; action of the Coa and Sabugal, battle of Fuentes d’Onor, retreat from Burgos.
Served the campaign of 1814 in Holland, including the action at Merxem, bombardment of
Antwerp, and storming of Bergen-op-Zoom. Engaged in the Burmese war at the attack of
Padowa Pass and the fortified positions of Mahatee ; storming the stockades and hills near, and
taking the town and works of Arracan. Wounded on the 16th June 1815, at Quatre Bras, by a
musket-shot in the left shin, and dangerously by a ball which entered the back part of the head.
He has received the War Medal with one Clasp for Fuentes d’Onor.
50 Colonel Rochfort was at the capture of the Isle of France in 1810 ; and of Java in
1811, including capture of Cornelis, storming of Serandola and Fort Djocjocarta. Storming of
redoubts at the island of Borneo ; Nepaul campaign in 1814 ; siege and storm of Hattras ;
Mabratta campaigns of 1817 and 18 j siege and storm of Bhurtpore 1825-6. He has received
the War Medal with one Clasp for Java.
51 Colonel Dundas served in the 47th Regt. on the expedition to South America in 1806-7,
and was present at the taking of Maldonado, in several skirmishes, and at the attack and
storming of Monte Video. He served afterwards in the East Indies, and was present in 1814 at
the capture of the Fort of Row Nuggur, and in several skirmishes. He served also in the
Burmese Territory from Jan. 1826 till peace was proclaimed.
52 Colonel WrUington served in the East Indies from May 1813 to May 1823, includ¬
ing the campaigns of 1815 and 16 in Kattywar and Kutch; taking of Aujar; Deccan campaigns
of 1817 and 18; campaign of 1819 in Candeish; and in Kutch in 1820.
53 Colonel Westmore served the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in Germany and Holland,
including both attacks on Merxem, and the assault on Bergen-op-Zoom; served at Waterloo on
the 16th, 17th, and 18th June, and was severely wounded.
64 Colonel Poole served throughout the operations in Scinde (Medal) under Sir Charles
Rapier, and commanded the 22nd at the battle of Meeanee,and a brigade at the battle of Hyder¬
abad. He was also previously at the destruction of the Fort of Imaumghur in the Desert. He
served the campaign in the Southern Mahratta country in 1844-5, including the investment and
capture of the Forts Panulla and Pownghur.
55 Colonel White’s services :—Campaign in Spain, under Sir John Moore, including
the retreat to and battle of Corunna, where he was wounded. Siege of Flushing, and capture
of Walcheren; campaigns in Canada, from Nov. 1813, to the end of the war. He has received
the War Medal with one Clasp for Corunna.
56 Colonel Bray served the Mahratta campaigns of 1817, 18, and 19, and was present
at the sieges and captures of Ryghur, Amulnier, and Asseerghur. He was on board the unfor-
nate ship Kent, which was -burned in the Bay of Biscay, 1st March 1825. Commanded the
39 th in the action of Maharajpore (Medal), and was severely wounded.
57 Colonel Tennant served at the siege of Flushing in 1809.
58 Colonel E. R. Hill served in the Peninsula from Sept. 1812 to the end of that war in 1814,
including the affair of San Munos and retreat from Burgos, as a volunteer; battle of Vittoria,
passage of the Bidassoa, battles of Nivelie and Toulouse: he has received the War Medal with
four Clasps.
59 Colonel Jebb served in the last American war.
60 Colonel Arthur Shirley was nominated to the 2nd Class of the Medjidie, for service with
the late Turkish Contingent.
61 Major-General Lawrence commanded the 2nd Batt. Rifle Brigade throughout the Eastern
campaign of 1854, including the battles of the Alma (horse killed) and Inkerman, and siege of
Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Officer of the Legion of Honor, and 3rd Class of the
62 Colonel Hon. George Cadogan served the Eastern campaign of 1854,including the battles
of Alma, Balaklava, and Inkerman, and siege of Sebastopol (Medal and Clasps, CB., Com¬
mander 2nd Class of St. Maurice and St. Lazurus, and 3rd Class of the Medjidie). He was
employed as the Queen’s Commissioner to the Sardinian Army in the Crimea.
63 Colonel J. C. Hope Gibsone served throughout the Kaffir war of 1846-7, and was present on
almost every occasion in which the troops were engaged with the enemy; and he had the com¬
mand of and led the charge of Cavalry in the decisive affair of the Gwanga, on the Sth June
1846, when a large body of the enemy was encountered and utterly broken, leaving upwards of
400 dead on the field, on which occasion his services were warmly acknowledged in the public
dispatches, aud his name particularly mentioned in General Orders.
64 Colonel Story served in the Peninsula and France from Nov. 1812 to May 1814,

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