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War Services of the Colonels. 47
(Medal and Clasps, Officer of the Legion of Honor, Sardinian Medal, and 3rd Class of the
Medjidie): at Inkermau he commanded the Brigade of Light Cavalry.
37 Colonel George T. C. Napier commanded the Cape Mounted Riflemen at the
battle of the Gwanga, and throughout the Kaffir war of 1846-47, for which services he received
the Brevet rank of Lieut -Colonel. He also commanded the Regiment throughout the Kaffir
war of 1850-52 (Medal), and commanded the Cavalry Brigade at the action of the Berea, for
which he was nominated a CB.
38 Colonel Fynmore was at the capture of a French privateer schooner of 16 guns and 96
men, besides other boat service in 1811. In the partial action with the French fleet off Toulon
in 1814. Was landed at Mahon in command of a guard to protect the person of the Spanish
governor from the threatened violence of the Walloon guards. Sent to the city of Florence in
1815, to place himself under the directions of General Count Nugent, commander-in-chief of
the Austrian army, as extra Aide-de-Camp, and was at the taking of the city of Naples. In 1823
he was sent up to the city of Lima to protect English merchants’ property against the attacks of
the Negro slaves during the civil war. The 20th Oct. 1827 was at the battle of Navarino, for
which service he was promoted by His Royal Highness the Duke of Clarence, but in consequence
of belonging to a gradation corps the appointment was afterwards cancelled. Served with the
French army at the reduction of the town and fortress of Patras and the Morea castle; served
afterwards in the West Indies, North Sea, and off Oporto during the civil war between Don
Pedro and Don Miguel. In 1833 joined theflSoyal Marine Battalion at Lisbon, commanded by
Colonel Adair, CB. In April, 1837, embarked on board H.M.S. Castor (36), on the 10th Oct.
was landed in command of his detachment on the Albanian coast to attack pirates. Served on
the S, E. coast of Spain from 4th Jan. 38 to 30 Jan. 39. Has the War Medal and Clasp for
39 Colonel Buchanan served as Quarter-Master of the Royal Marine Battalion at D’Jouni,
and on the coast of Syria during the Campaign in 1840-41 (Medal and Clasp). Served also in
the East Indies and Burmah during the war of 1852-53 (Medal).
40 Colonel Sail served at the taking of Maldonado and Monte Video in 1807. Also in
the Peninsula from 1813 to the end of that war in 1814, and was present at the repulse of
the sortie from Bayonne.
41 Colonel Terry served the campaign of 1799 in Holland with the 25th, including the
battle of Egmont-op-Zee. Expedition to Egypt and surrender of Alexandria in 1801 ; capture
of Madeira in 1807 ; capture of Guadaloupe and St. Martin’s in 1810 j re-capture of Guada-
loupe in 1815. He has received the War Medal with two Clasps for Egypt and Guadaloupe.
42 Colonel Fairtlough served at the bombardment of Ter Vere, and siege and capture
of Flushing in 1809. Also the capture of Guadaloupe in 1815.
43 Colonel H. C. Streatfeild served the Mahratta campaign of 1804, 5, and 6, including the
assault of Bhurtpore, with the Grenadiers of the 65th, when out of 17 officers and 300 men who
marched to the assault, 14 officers and 190 men were either killed or wounded. At the capture
of the Isle of France in 1810. Served the Mahratta campaign of 1817 and 18, including the cap¬
ture of Hattras.
44 Colonel Senior was severely wounded in the action between H. M. packet Lapwing
and the American privateer Fox, off Barbadoes, 30th Sept. 1813.
45 Colonel Hughes served the Egyptian campaign of 1801 with the 24th. Engaged
with a French squadron in the Mosambique Channel, 3rd July 1810. Served the Nepaul cam¬
paigns of 1814, 15, and 16, and was wounded at Harriapore. Served also during the Mahratta
war of 1816, 17, and 18. Gold Medal from the Grand Seignior for services in Egypt; and also
the Silver War Medal with one Clasp.
46 Colonel Tronson served in the West Indies from 1808 to 1812, including the cap¬
ture of Martinique and siege of Fort Bourbon in 1809, and capture of Guadaloupe in 1810. The
campaigns of 1813,14, and 15, in Canada, including the operations against Plattsburg. Through¬
out the Burmese war, and commanded a detachment of the 13th, which took possession of the
city of Bassein previous to the arrival of Sir Robert Sale’s Brigade destined for its capture ;
also present at Kokein, 15th Dec. 1826, Pagoda Point, Napadie, Mehadie, Melloon, where
the command of the 13th devolved upon him, and on the 9lh Feb. 1826, at the storming of
Pagamue, where he was wounded in the right leg, but continued to lead the left wing until most
severely wounded in the left leg, where the ball still remains. Served the campaign in Aff-
ghanistan under Lord Keane, and commanded the 13th at the assault and capture of the
Fortress and Citadel of Ghuznee, for which he obtained the brevet rank of Lieut.-Colonel and
Order of the Doranee Empire. Commanded the Regiment throughout the campaign in Kohistan,
and at the sieges of Tootumdarrah, Jhoolghur (led and commanded the storming party),
night attack at Baboo Koosh Ghur, Kardurrah, and Perwandurrah, when Dost Mahomed
surrendered, and the force returned to Cabul. He has received the War Medal with two
Clasps for Martinique and Guadaloupe; the Medal for Ava ; and Medal for Ghuznee.
47 Colonel Harty served with the 33rd at the capture of Bourbon and the Isle of France in
1810 ; the campaigns of 1813 and 14 in Germany and Holland, including both the attacks on
Merxero, and the assault on Bergen-op-Zoom. Also the campaign of 1815, including the
battle of Quatre Bras, the retreat on the following day, and battle of Waterloo, —slightly

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