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War Services of the Officers of the Militia Infantry. T4'^e
for Pegu). Also served in the Umbeyla expedition in 1863, and afterwards in the Jowaki campaign in 1877 (Medal
with Clasp).
Shropshire Regiment.—^ Major Hornby served with the Military Train the campaign of i860 in North C Una
(Medal with Clasps).
Middlesex Regiment.—' Colonel Aikman served in the Sutlcj campaign in 1846 and was present atthe ba ''e
nf Sobnion (Medal). Also in the Punjaub campaign of i848-»9 with the force under Brigadier General Wheeler
(Medal). Served in the Indian mutiny campaign of 1857-58, including the siege of Delhi and various engagements
(Medal with Clasp), and when in conimand of the 3rd Sikh Cavalry on advanced picket, with a hundred of hia
men on the ist March 1858 he attacked and utterly routed a rebel force consisting of 500 Infantry, -oo Horse,
and two guns, cutting up xoo men, capturing the two guns, and driving the remainder of the enemy into and
over the Goomtee, himsoli receiving a severe sabre cut on the face in a personal encounter with several of the
enemy. For this feat, which was performed uudcr every disadvantage of broken ground, and partially under
the Hanking fire of an adioining fort, he was awarded the Victoria Cross.
King's Rifle Corps.—> Lt.Colonel Pooper served with the 38th llegt. in the Crimea from 23rd Aug. 1855
(^ledal witli Clasp forScbastopol, and Turkish Medal).
' Colonel Black served with the ogth Regiment in the campaign of i860 in North China, and was present at the
surrenderor Pckin (Medal with Clasp).
■' Major Butler served with 60th Rifles throughout the campaign of i860 inChina(Medalwith two Clasps).
" Captain Burstall served with the ist Batt-ilion of the 60th Rifles on the Red River Bxpediuon of 1870.
* Major Cuppage served with the 43rd Light Infantry in the New Zealand War of 1864-65, and was present at
the actions of the Gate Pah and TeRanga (Medal).
' Captain Thorne served with the 3rd Battalion 60th Rifles in the latter part of the Zulu war of 1879 (Medal with
'"Major Adair served with the 13th Light Infantry in the Indian mutiny campaign and wi'.s ;'resent at
the relief of Azimehur (Medal).
Manchester Regiment.—' Major Garland-Matthews served with the French Ambulance of the Army of th»
North intUel'ranco-German war of 1870-71, Received from the French Government the bronze cross for service
in aid of the wuunded.
3 Major Biirney served in the Royal Navy during the Crimean war, in the Baltic in 185* (Medal) and after-
two Clasps)
Durham Light Infantry.—' Quarter Master Shea served throughout the New Zealand campaign of 1864-66,
and was iireseur- at the attack on ihe Gate Pah and the engagement at Te Ranga (Medal).
Highland Light Infantry.—' Lt.Colonel Gossling served in the New Zealand war of 1864-66 as Lieutenant in
Taranakf Miljiary Settlers, and was present at the capture of Ahu Ahu Kaitakie, and Fiprilei (Medal).
^ Captain Giles served in the Ashanti campaign from the 26tli December 1873, and was employed in the
Transport Service {Me lal).
Seaforth Highlanders.—' Major Rose served with the Royal Marine Brigade in the Crimea, also at the bom¬
bardment and Kuri-ender of Kinbourn,and with Admiral Sir Houston Stewart's exploring expedition up the rivers
Bug and Dnieper (Medal with Clasp, and Turkish Medal).
- Mnjor Grove served throughout the Eastern campaign of 1854-55, includingthebattles of Alma,andBalaklava,
expedition to Kertch and Yenikale, siege and fall of Sebastopol (Medal with Clasps, 5th Class of the Medjidie, and
Turkish Modal). Served the campaign of 1857-58 against the mutineers in India, including the actions at Cawn-
pore (6th Doc. 1857), Seraighat, Kudygunge, and Shumsabad, siege and fall of Lucknow and assault of the Martiniere
and Banks' Bungalow, attack on the fort of Kooyah, action at AUygunge, attack and capture of Bareilly (Medal
Gordon Highlanders.—' Colonel Man served with the field force under Colonel Murray, R. Artillery, employed on
the 3o-mi)e radius round Shanghai during the summer of 1863. Also with the Anglo-Chinese Contingent in
Colone'i Gordon's, Taeping campaigns of 1863-64, and was present at the siege and storming of Changchowfoo
(Medal, and Star of the 2nd Class of the Dragon). Was selected in 1873 to raise a corps of Military Police for the
treaty district of Newchwang, Southern Manchuria, at that time infested by mounted banditti, and subsequently
commanded the force embodied. On his retui-n to Europe in 1881 he received the thanks of the Imperial Com¬
missioner and ihe Brevet of Colonel in the Chinese army.
Irisn Rifles.—1 Major Pottinger served at the attack on the Burda Hills, 19th December 1859.
* Msjor Leslie served in the Indian Mutiny campaign of 1857-58 (Medal with Clasp for Lucknow).
Irish Fusiliers.—' Colonel Hon. Edward Brownlow served with the Scots Fusilier Guards in the Crimea from
the 8th Sept. 1855 (Medal with Clasp for Sebastopol, and Turkish Medal).
^ Major Henderson served in the Indian campaign of 1S57-58, and in Juno 1857 was attached to an
Irregular Levy of 1,400 men engaged in the district for the protection of Agra, being also vested with the powers
of Joint Magistrate in the district of Agra, AUyghur, and Muttra; present at the action of Agra on sth July, and
was afterwards Assistant Field Engineer in the Force ; in Oct. was appointed Orderly Officer to Colonel Greuthed,
present at the action of Dilkhoosua and relief of Lueknow by Lord Clyde, the affiiir at Kanouge, affair of 2nd Dec.
and action of 6th Dec. at Cawnnore; served afterwards as Aide de Camp to Major Gen. Sir Thomas Hartc Franks,
and present at the actions of Nusrutpore, (Jhanda, Umeerpore, Sultanpore, and Dhowraha, siege and capture of
Luckuow (wounded by an explosion), including storming of the Emaumbara and Kaisabagh (Medal with two
* Lt.Colonel Simpson served with the 52nd Light Infantry at the defeat of the Sealkote mutineers on the banks
of the Ravee on the 12th and i6th July 1857; also from the 14th August at the siege assault and occupation of
D.^lhi—severely wounded in the right breast (Medal with Clasp).
» Major Pakenham served with the loist Fusiliers in the Indian North West Frontier Warof 1863,and was pre¬
sent at the attack and capture of the Crag Piquet, the Conical Hill, and Umbeyla (Medal with Clasp).
' Captain Johnson served with the Rifle Brigade in the Indian campaign of 1857-59, includmg the operations in
the Doab, siege and capture of Lucknow, action of Nawabgunge, affair of Oomarea, and Trans-Gogra operations
{Medal with Clasj)).
Connaught Rangers.—' Colonel King-Harman served with the 60th Rifles the campaign in Rohilcund m 1858,
including the actions of Bugawalla and Nugena, relief of Moradabad, action on the Uojura, assault and c:ipt,ure
of Bareilly, attack and bombardment of Shaujchanpore, defeat of the rebels and relief of the garrison (Medal).
^ Lt.Colonel A. Knox-Gore served with the 2nd Battalion 60th Rifles in the Indian Mutiny campaign in 1858 in
the Arrah District, Bepgal (Medal).
' Captain Lncey serveil with the94th Regiment in the Zulu war of 1879, and in the subsequent operations against
Sekukuni (Medal with Clisp).
Sutherland and Argyll Highlanders.—' Major Anderson served as Staff Officer to the Force at the assault
and capture of Rowa on 6tli June 1858, and was afterwards present with the 95th Regt. at the siege and capt-a.e
of Awah (attached to Artillery and Kotah, battle ol Kota ka S'erai, recapture of Chundaree, general act.on resulting
in the capture of Gwalior, siege and capture of Pouree, and served for some time as Assistant Field Engineer in
Central India (mentioned in despatches. Medal with Clasp). '
Lelnster Regiment.—' Major Aldridge served with the 20th Regiment in the operations in Oude in December
1858, and was jiresent at the affairs of Churda and J'ort of Musjeedia (Medal).
Munster Fusiliers.—' Lt.Colonel C. M. Davidson served in the Abyssinian campaign as Adjutant of tlie jth
Regiment, and was persent at the action of Arogeo and capture of Magdala (Medal).
- Major Mawe was present with the expedition whieli stormed the war fences of Kambia, and bombarded the
town of Gballah, Western Africa, on the 23rd and 24th March 1859.
Dublin Fusiliers.-' Captain Toiry served with the 80th Regiment throughout the Zulu war of 1879, a'''J *"'S
present in the engagement at Ulundi (jledal with Clasp).
' Quarter Master Gage served with the ist Battalion 20th Foot in the Indian Mutiny campaign frcn November

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