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SCENE II.—An Apartment in Black-Fort.
Enter Alice.
Alice. How vainly we oppose the dictates of af¬
fection ! Again have I consented to see Julian
Alas! how dangerous, how useless these repeated
interviews I For, spite of Deborah’s assertions,-
That fortune will one day bless us,—when I reflf
on the opposite principles of our parents, I feel co
vinced ’tis vain to cherish hopes which must eve
tually not only wreck my happiness but Juliat
Jul. Dearest Alice ! why this reserve ? What !'•
am I doomed to supplicate admittance, where hi¬
therto I have been ever welcome ?
Alice. Consistently with my duty, we have met
too often. We must endeavour, if we would avoid’
eternal wretchedness, to remember each other only
as friends.
Jul. Beloved Alice! you over-rate the difficulties'
which lie betwixt us. They must—they shall give
way. Inveterate as my father’s notions are against
the religious and political sentiments of Major Bridge-
north, I have a mother, whose influence
Alice. Yes, Julian; but my father’s prejudices ,
are as strong as Sir Geoffry’s ; and who shall inter-