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tijie for me ? Alas, I have no mother ! No, no !
impossible. My father is a man of sorrows ;
I will never encourage a passion which may in-
rul. My mother has ever spoken of Major Bridge-
th as a worthy, a most estimable man. Direct
to him, and fear not I will plead my cause.
Alice. The information you require, Julian, I
■ mot give. My father rarely visits this seclusion
■his steps are secret, and his arrival ever unlocked
'jul. Then, by heaven ! I will watch his arrival
the island; and in this house, and ere he has
eked you in his arms, he shall answer me on the
ibject nearest to my heart.
[ajor Bbidgenorth 7m entered as Julian
commenced his speech, and now comes down be¬
tween them.
Major B. Demand that answer now.
Alice. (Sinlcing at his feet.) Father, father ! I
Major B. (Raising her kindly.) I do believe
ee. But now, my child, retire to your apartment;
have that to say to this youth which will not en-
ire your presence.
Alice. ( Throwing her arms around her father.)
l)h, do him no injury ! for he has meant no wrong.
Major B. Go to thy chamber—compose thine
own passions—Learn to rule there, and leave me
po deal with this youth—(He conducts Alice to the
Jioor, as Julian continues to gaze upon them.)—You
Iseemed but now, Sir, anxious to know where I
could be found ?
Jul. Such was my—my wish; and, therefore, I
applied to Alice.