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d of their country; and then, to mend the
ire you, page to the Countess of Der-
le very woman who shot Colonel Christian, the
ide of Alice. No, no; these are matters not
: So linger not here—’tis dangerous.
'. Be not so hasty. Thou wert ever the kind-
■ettiest nurse in the world and, ere I go, shall
8 it on your hand myself.—(Placing it on Tier
l, which he hisses.)—There, Deborah ! wear it
icmory of Julian, whom you once loved ; and
Oh, Deborah !—(Kisses her.)
Deb. (Embracing him.) Oh, Thou wert ever a
jet boy ! But what signifies my consenting, when
ice herself refuses to see you ?
Jul. I ask but one more interview, ere I leave
s place for ever. Alice no longer loves me;
Deb. Nonsense ! How a little coyness puts you
n in the dumps. Take my word for it :—a girl
rer loves more truly than when she is taking the
atest pains to deny it. By my faith, I know these
ngs ! So loiter here awhile, and I’ll see what
l be done. She loves you, I’ll be sworn—so ne-
■ mind her glooms or her frowns, but mind the
;ler’s adage,—“ When clouds are lowering the
i bites.” [Exit.
Jul. May Heaven speed you ! Oh, Alice ! let
i gain your love, and, blessed with such a prize,
iat should withstand my youthful ardour ?