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  nard de Gordon, was the author of a
  Latin medical treatise compiled at Mont-
  pellier in France about the year 1303, and
  entitled Lilium Medicinae, or The Lily of the
  Art of Medicine, This work was translated into
  Irish by a certain Cormac Mac Duinnshléibhe, or
  Cormac Mac Donlevy, in the middle of the
  fifteenth century. The precise date of the version
  is not available, but we know that this practitioner
  was engaged in preparing a version of another
  medical work in the year 1459. Several manu-
  scripts of the translation of the Lilium Medicinae
  have come down to us, but it still remains un-
  printed, save for some extracts included by
  Standish H. O Grady in his Catalogue of Irish
  Manuscripts in the British Museum, There are two
  fine copies of the work in the library of the Royal
  Irish Academy which, besides their value for
  constructing the main text of the whole, will
  have a particular interest because of the lengthy
  scribal notes which they contain.* These notes
  have never been printed, and I think it desirable
  to transcribe and annotate them here.
  The information they give regarding Irish
  * Since these words were put in type several of our extracts
  have been printed in Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the
  R. I. Academy fasc. x, pp. 1168-73. Through the courtesy of
  the Editor of the Catholic Bulletin this and the following essay
  are reproduced from that review August 1929, February 1930.

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