A GUID Cause, The Women's Suffrage Movement in Scotland - Their struggles for change withing society

'A guid cause' ... The women's suffrage movement in Scotland


This resource will help you to discover more about the history of the women's suffrage movement in Scotland by exploring and investigating archive sources from the National Library of Scotland's collections.

Developed by teachers

The projects and learning activities have been developed by teachers specifically for use by secondary school pupils and teachers. The activities support the outcomes, experiences and capacities outlined in the Curriculum for Excellence.

Activities and research

The sources section contains a selection of archive material, including photographs, newspaper articles and diary entries, which help tell the story of women's suffrage in Scotland. The three projects use these sources as a basis for classroom activities and individual research and investigation. Each of the activities can also be downloaded and printed. The teachers' sections contain further information and guidance about using the resource.

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