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32 The Cliffs Reduced
For Mufick-mafters, that their Lef-
fon may fall beft within the compafs
of five lines, place the Cliffs in any
line 5 by which means there are, in
truth, as many Cliffs as lines, and as
many alterations, as both lines and
(paces can make.
Perhaps fome will fay, they only
obferve the Intervalls of following
Notes, and fo care not upon what lines
and fpaces they are fituated ; which,
indeed, is the beft way as things are 5
but this won't do. For no Scholar is
capable to make ufe of it under a years
practice, nor can a Mufick-mafter him-
felf truft to it, in the paflfage from one
Cliff to another. As when a Violift
paffes from F fa ut, to C fol fa ut
Cliffy the Notes muft not be plaid
according to their Intervall 5 but there
muft be a new aim taken from the
Cliff Character, as is already related.
Though this is lb far from thwarting
my Propofai, that if you follow it,
thelaft Objedion is taken away, and
the Intervalls will be always true, on-
ly in another Octave.
And now, I only fear, my Reader
fhould think me obfcure , whereas the
bufinefs 3 as it is now praccifed , is fo
' diffi-

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