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18 the Gamut Reformed.
We are fure, what we have under-
took, is fufficiently proved, that
G 9 A y B C y Dj E, F, G, will do as well
as the old hard names 5 and for the
placing of Mi, you muft take the ufu-
ai Monofyllables, fo you order them
in the moft practicable method, viz.
Mi fa fol la fa fol la mi.
I come now to my chief Defign,
which is, the Redu&ion of Cliffs into
one eftabliQied Order : whofe clear
and facile Method, will fo bribe the
Practitioner, and whofe Vniverfal
Character will afford him fuch Catho-
lick converfe in Muffck, that I don't
doubt, but being ftrengthened by fo
great Conveniences, it will be able to
graple with any imputation of Fancy
and Novelty.

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