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The Contents,
mentioned advantages, there is but
half the pains required, which peo-
ple take to be without them.
The Necejfity of -a Matter, the Ad-
vantage from the mott Skilful, who is
intreated to favour his Scholars re-
quefis) and perfett their accompljflj-
mentsy by a generous difcovery of the
nature and compofttion of Mufic^h
(Page 88*) which might be eajtfy brought
to pop by their condufr, and a good
Musical ingeny.
PAge4. line 12. for Nations, read Notion*, p. 6.
1. 9. for now, r.n«r, p. 7. 1. 20. for repair, r.
require, p.u. 1. 2. for verifies, r. terrifiet, p.n. i. $ .
forfiftiom, t.fiSitious, p. 14. 1. 28. for iet, t.fet.

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