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The Contents.
2- He may by the Scheme propo-
fed, write any Leflbns of the prefent
Tableture, into Notes, for the Harp-
fecord or any other Mufick.
9. He may take any Treble and
Bafe, which were defigned for any
other Mufick, and play them upon the
Lute. And,
4. Hath broke Prifon, and may by
this ufe of Notes, come to arrive at
perfection in composing for, as well
as playing upon this fupream Mufick.
None of which could in the lea ft he
done^ though one praUifed an hundred
years by letters*
The OhjeUions Anfoered, (Pag«74«)
The Conclufion.
A Compendious review of a Learner $
tas^y being only the knowledge of the
famefeven Notes in fever al Q&aves up-
on the Inflrument) by the ftven firft
Letters of the Alphabet, ever apply ed to
the fame feven places upon the Boo\.
("Page 85.) So that for all the fore-

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