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To the Reader.
liable to 'your pains. And truly
you mil find fuch pleafant variety,
'and profitable Novelty, that I am
confident every Ingenious Mufi-
cisn will be fatisfied with his
entertainment, Sufficient both for
his Phanfie and Judgment.
There can be no true Lover of
Mufick, but will be favourable to
the arguings, for its inftitution
and advantages : No Induftiious
Scholar, but will congratulate his
knowledge, enlarged by an Uni-
verfal Characler. No Faithful
Matters, but will rejoyce at, ra-
ther than envy the facility and
advancement thereof. Nay fur*
ther, will certainly applaud the
Fropojal j where that which
makes the advantage, makes it
alfo eafie , and requires but half
the pains to double the Accom-
plithment. Wherefore,! hope, that

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