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To the Reader.
they, who at prefent are the mofl
glorious in their attained difjicuU
ties, and fo firm to > that ? rati ice ^
which for want of a better, is at
prefent received, will, when they
have experience of this way, con-
fab their own Eafe W Agree-
ment with it.
Ihis I was willing to premife,
left the out-cry s of fome jhould pre-
pojjefs the Reader with a YraElical
impoffibility ', notwithftanding the
Propofal is mo ft evident and plain*
Which moved me to be very ear-
neft with this Gentleman, to give
we this opportunity of being fer-
viceable to all true Lovers of
Mufuk, , to whom there is none
more devoted, than
Their Humble Servant
John Bircbenjha.

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