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My vows and sighs, like silent air,
Unheeded, never move her ;
At the bonnie Bush abune Traquair,
'Twas there I first did love her.
That day she smiled and made me glad,
No maid seem'd ever kinder ;
I thought myself the luckiest lad,
So sweetly there to find her ;
I tried to soothe my amorous flame,
In words that I thought tender ;
If more there pass'd, I 'm not to blame —
I meant not to offend her.
Yet now she scornful flees the plain,
The fields we then frequented ;
If e'er we meet she shews disdain,
She looks as ne'er acquainted.
The bonnie bush bloom'd fair in May,
Its sweets I '11 aye remember ;
But now her frowns make it decay —
It fades as in December.
Te rural powers, who hear my strains,
Why thus should Peggy grieve me 1
make her partner in my pains,
Then let her Smiles relieve me :
If not, my love will turn despair,
My passion no more tender ;
1 '11 leave the Bush abune Traquair — ■
To lonely wilds I '11 wander.

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