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(353) [Page 345] - My dearie, if thou dee
There was an old and simple song, of which the verses ended
with ' My dearie, an thou die.' It was superseded by an elegant
song of Robert Crawford, which appeared in both the Tea-table
Miscellany and the Orpheus Calcdonius ; in the latter case, with
an air evidently the representative of one inserted in the Skene
Manuscript, under the title of Sillie Soul alace ! In repeating
the song, however, in this place, a copy given as the genuine
old one by Mr Stenhouse, and which may certainly be accepted
as such, is preferred. Amongst modern lovers of our national
melodies, it will be recognised as the tune adopted for a song of
recent date, beginning, ' What ails this heart o' mine V
-* — *-y:
Love never more shall give me pain, My fan - cy 's fix'd on
4 . •
thee ; Nor ev - er maid my heart shall gain, My Peggie, if thou
dee. Thy beau - ties did such pleasure give, Thy love's so true to
me; With - out thee I shall nev - er live, My
dearie, if thou dee.

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