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(86) Page 72 - Speak on, speak thus, and still my grief

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(86) Page 72 - Speak on, speak thus, and still my grief
Then I .'-poor me I— wi' fij^'hs may ban my fafe.
When the young laird's nae mair my handiome P:
Nae mair again to hear fweet tales exprert.
By the b!yth fliepherd that excell'd the reft:
Nae mair be envied by the tattling p;ang
When Patie kii's'd me, when I danc'd orfanj^;
Nae mair, alake ! we'll on the meadow play,
And rin haf breathlefs round the rucks of ba^'.
As aft times I ha'e fled frae thee right fain.
And fawn on puriMfe that I might be tar.e:
Nae mair around the foggy know I'll creejj.
To watch and ftare upon thee while afleei>.
Eut hear my vow— 'twill help to gi'e me eafe;
May fudden death or deadly fair difeafe.
And warft of ills attend ray wretched life.
If e'er to ane but you I be a wife I
Orfung asfolloivs.
SAXG XVll.— Tune, IVae^s my heart that lue
/I:ioidd [under.
Speak cm, fpeak thus, and ftill my grief.
Hold up a heart that's finking under
Thefe fears, that foon will want relief.
When Pate mull from his I'eggy fuiider.
A gentler face and filk attire,
A lady rich in beauty's bloflbm,
Alake. poor me ! will now confpire.
To Ileal thee from thy Peggy's bofom.
No more the fhepherd who excell'd
The reft, whofe wit mude them to v/onder.

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