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Shall now his Peggy's praifes tell ;
Ah! I can die, but never funder.
Ye meadnws where we often ftray'd.
Ye bauks where we were wort to wander ;
Sweet fcented rucks round which we play'd.
You'll lofe your fweets when_\ve're afunder.
Aj>,ain. ah ! Ihall I never creep
r round the know with filent duty.
Kindly to watch thee while afleep.
And wonder at thy manly beauty ?
Hear, heav'n, while folemniy i vow,
Tho' thou Ihouldft prove a wand'ring lover.
Thro' life to thee 1 (hall jirove true.
Nor be a wife to any other.
PiZtie. Sure heav'n approves— and he alTur'd ofmej
I'll ne'er gang hack o' what I've fworn to thee :
And time, tho' time maun infe rpofc a while.
And I maun leave my Peg^;y and this ifle.
Yet time, nordiftance, nor the fairt-ft face,
]f there's a fairer, e'er fhall fill thy ])lace.
I'd hare my rifing fortune, fliould it mT3T'e
The fair foundation of our faithfu' love.
If at my feet were crowns and fcepttrs laid.
To bribe my foul Irae thee, deli^^htfu' mai<^.
For thee I'd loon leave thcfe inferior things
To fie as ha'e the patience to be kinf;s.
V/herefore that tear ? believe, and calm thy mind.
Pevgy. I greet for joy to hear thy words fae ki::d •
When hopes were funk, and nought but mirk delpuif
Made me think life was little worth my care ;

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