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Symon. What ken we better, that fae fiRclle look.
Except on rainy Sundays, on a book?
When we a leaf or tvva haf read, haf fpell.
Till a' the relt fleep round as wiel's ourfell.
Sir W. Wiel jefted, Symon ; but one queftion more
I'll only aflc ye now, and then gi'e o'er.
The youth's arriv'd the age when little loves
Flighter around young hearts like cooing doves:
Has nae young la/fie wi' inciting mien
And rofy cheek, the wonder of the green,
Enga^'d his look, and cauj^ht his youthfu' heart ?
£>?/wK 1 fear'd the warit, but kend the fma'eft part>
'Till late 1 fa^v him twa three times mair fweet
Wi' Glaud's fair niece than I thought right or meet.
1 had iTiy fears ; but now ha'e nought to fear.
Since like yourfell your fon wiil fbon appear ;
A geatlemab enrich'd wi' a' thefe charms.
May blifs the faireft beft-born lady's arms.
Sir M^. This night inuft end his anambitious fire.
When higher views fliall greater thoughts infpire.
Go, Symon, bring him quickly here to nie ;
None but yourfell ftiall ourfirft meeting fee.
Yonder's my horfe and fervants nigh at hand ;
They come juft at the time I gave command :
Straight in my own apparel I'll go drefs,
Now ye the fecret may to all confefs.
Symon. Wi' how much joy I on this errand flee,
There's nan€ can Icnow that is not downright me.
(Exit SymoK'
Sir William, Joins,.
Whene'er th* event of hope's fuccefs appears,
®iic happy hour cancels the toil of years :

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