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And his decree ftands j^od— he'll gar it ftand ;
Wha dares to grumble finds his corredling hand ;
Wi' a firm look, and a commanding way.
He gars the proudelt of our herds obey.
Sir IF. Your tale nmch pleafes— my good friena
proceed :
What learning has he ? Can he write and read ?
Symon. Baith wonder wiel ; for troth 1 didna fjiare
To gi'e him at the fchool enough of lair ;
And he delights in bu^ok-— He reads and fpeaks,
Wi' fouks that ken them, Latin words and Greeks.
. Sir W. Where gets he books to read— and of whae
Tho' fome gi'e light, fome blindly lead the blind.
Symon. Whene'er he drives oar fheep to Edinburgh
He buys fome books of hiftory, I'angs, or fport:
Nor does lie want of them a rowth at will.
And carries ay a poutchfu' to the hill.
About ana Shakefpear and a famous Ben
He aften fpeaks and ca's them bed of men :
How fweetly Hawthornden and Stirling iing, ~%
And ane ca'd Covvley, loyal to his king, C.
He kens fu' wiel, and gars their verles ring. J
I ionietimes thought he made o'er great a phrafe
About fine poems, hiilories, and pliys
When I reprov'd him anes,— a book he brings,
Wi' this, quoth he, on braes I crack wi' kings, 'ear.
Sir W. He anfwer'd wiel; and much ye glad n-iy
W!ien i'uch accounts ! of my fhepherrl hear ;
Heading fuch bocks can raiie a pealant's rniiid
Above a lord's tli»t is not thus incliu'd.

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