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(48) Page 40 - When first my dear laddie gade to the green hill

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(48) Page 40 - When first my dear laddie gade to the green hill
To bear a leglen was nae toil to me.
When at the bught at ev'n I met wi' thee.
Patie. When corns grew yellow, and the het'ier-
Eloom'd bonny on the moor and riiin^ fells, (bells
Nae birns, or briers, or whins e'e!- troubl'd me,
Gjf I cou'd find blae berries ripe for thee. (ftane,
Feggv. When thou didft wrellle, run, or putt the
And wan the day, my heart was flightering fain :
At a' thefe fports thou ftill j;ave joy to me ;
For nanecan wreftle, run, or putt wi' thee.
Patie. Jenny lings faft the Broom ofCcivdenkno'uj;,
And Rofie lilts the Milking of the eii's ;
There's nane, like Nanly, Jenny Netties fings ;
At turns in Maggy Lauder, Marion dings:
But when my Peggy lings, wi' fweeter fldll.
The Boatman, or the Lafs of Patie' s mill.
It is a thoufand times mair fweet to me ;
Tho' they fing wiel, they canna fing like thee.
Pegsy. How eith can laffes trow what they defire I
And, roos'd by them we love, blaws up that fire :
But wha loves beft, let time and carriage try ;
Be conflant, and my love fhall time defy.
Be ftill as now ; and a' my care fhall be.
How to contrive what pleafant is for tliee.
The foregjiing, ivith a finall variation, luasfiing at
tlte aEling as follows.
SANG X.— Tune, Theyelloiv hairhlladdie.
When firft my dear laddie gade to the green hil!.
And I at ew-milldng firft fey'd my young fldll.
To bear the milk bowie nae pain was to me.
When lat the bughting forgather'd wi' tiiee.

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