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Behind a tree upon the plain.
Pate and his Peg^y meet.
In love ivitlioul a vicious^flain.
The bonny lafs and cheerfu'fnuain
Change voivs and kijfesjiveet.
I'atie and Peggy.
OPATIE, let me gang, I maunna Hay ;
We're baith cry'd haine, and Jinny (he's away.
Patie, I'm laith to part iae foon; now we'realane.
And Roger he's away wi' Jenny gane ;
They're as content, for aught I hear or fee.
To be alane themfelves, 1 judge, as we.
Here, where primrofes thickeft paint the green.
Hard by this little burnie let us lean :
Hark how the lav'rocks chant aboon our heads.
How faft the weftlin winds lough thro* the reeds.
Peggy. The fcented meadows— birds— and healthy
For aught I ken, may mair than Peggy pleafe.
Patie. Ye wrang me fair, to doubt my being kind j
In liieaking fae, ye ca' me dull and blind.
Cif Icou'd fancy aught's fae fweet or fair
As my dear Meg, or worthy of my care.
Thy breath is Tweeter than the fweeteft brier.
Thy cheek and breaft the fineft flow'rs appears
Tliy words excel the maift delightfu' notes.
That warble thro' the merle or mavis' throats'
Wi' thee I tent nae flowers that buflc the field,
Or ripeft berries that our mountains yield s

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