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«Ior is the f erly great, when nature kind
ias bleft them wi' iblidity of mind :
rhey'll reafon caumly, and with kindnefs fniile,
SVhen our (Tiort paflions wad our peace beguile ;
jjae, whenfoe'er ihey flight their maiks at hame,
Tis ten to ane tlie wives are maift to blame.
Then I'll employ wi' pleafure a' my art
To keep him cheerfu' and fecure his heart :
kt ev'n, when he comes weary frae the hil],
jril ha'e a' things made ready to his will :
kn winter, when he toils thro' wind and rain,
A bleezing ingle, and a clean hearth-ftane ;
[As loon as he flings by his plaid and ftaff.
The feething pat's be ready to tak afF ;
Clean hag-abag I'll fpread upon his board.
And ferve him wi' the beft we can aftord :
Good humour and white bigonets fhall be
Guards to my face, to keep his love for me.
Jenny. A difli of married love right foon grows
And dozens down to nane, as fouk grow auld.
Peggy. But we'll grow auld together, and ne'er find
The lofs of youth, when love grows on the mind.
Bairns and their bairns mak fare a firmer tye.
Than aught in love the like of us can fpy.
See yon twa elms that grow up lide by fide,
Suppofe them fome years fyne bridegroopi and bride ;
Nearer and nearer ilka year they've preft,
*Till wide their fpreading branches are increas'
And in their mixture now are fully bleft :
This Shields the other frae the eaftlin blaft ;
That in return defends it frae the waft.
s'd, i

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