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(36) Page 28 - I yield, dear lassie ye have won

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(36) Page 28 - I yield, dear lassie ye have won
Sic as ftand Angle (a ftate fae lik'd by yoa !)
Beneath !lk ftorm frae every airth maun bow.
Jenny. I've done— 1 yield, dear lafTie, I maun yieli
Your better lenie has fairly won the field.
With the afliftance of a little fae
Lies dern'd within my breaft tliis mony a day.
SANG VL— Tune, Nancy's to tke grem-ivood gam,
I yield, dear laflie, ye have won.
And there is nae denying.
That, fare as light flows frae the fun, i
Frae love proceeds complying ; i
For a' that we can do or f;iy
'Gainit love, nae thinker heeds us.
They ken our bofoms lodge the fae.
That by the heartftrings leads us.
Peggy. Alake, poor pris'ner ! Jenny, that's no fair
That yi'W uo let the wee thing tak the air:
Hafte, let him out, we"il tent as wiel's we can,
CiC he be Bauidy's or poor Roger's man.
Jenny. Ar.ither time's as good— for fee the fuH
Is rij^ht far up, and we're not yet begun ,
I'o fre ith the graith ; if canker'd isiadge, our aunt I
Come u;' the burn, flie'Il gie's a wicked rant: |
J3ut when we've done, I'll tell ye a' my mind ;
For this feeiiis true, nae lal's can be unkind.

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