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The man who is prudent ne'er Hghtiies his wife.
Or wi' f.lull reproaches encourages Hrjfe ;
He praiies her virtues, and ne'er will ahufe
Her for a fmall failing, but find an excufe.
funny. Hey Bunny Lafs of Bfankfome, or't be lang.
Your witty P^te will pat you in a fang.
<> 'tis a pleafant thing to be a bride ;
Syue whinging getts about your ingle-fide.
Yelping for this or that wi' faiheous din :
To mak them brats then ye maun toil and fpiii.
Ae wean fa's lick, ane fcads itfell wi' brue,
le breaks his iLin, anither tines his ihoe.
The De'il gaes o'er Jock J'/'abfter, hame grows he!!.
When Pate miica's ye war than tongue can tell.
Peggy. Yes it's a heartfome thing to be a wife.
When round the ingie-edge young fprouts are rife,
Gif I'm fae hanpv, I fhall ha'e delight
To l>ear their little plaints, a;)d keep them right.
Wow. Je;^ny ! can there greater pieafure be
T ban fee fie wee tots toolying at your knee ;
When a' they ettle at their gi'eatell wilh.
Is to be niade of, and obtain a kifs?
Can there be coil in tenting day and night
The like of them when love maltes care delight ?
Jenny. But poortith,, Peggy, is the warftofa',
Gif o'er your heads ill chance fliould begg'ry draw :
Put little loyre or canty cheer can come
Frae duddy doublets, and a pantry toom.
Your now t may die— the fp^ite nray bear away
Frae afTthe liowm? yrtur dainty rucks of hay—
The tiiick blawn wreiths of fnaw, or blafhy thows.
May fmoor your warhers, and may rot your evss;

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