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I .aft night I met him on the bawk, Let maidens of a filly mind
Where yellow corn was growing, Refufe what maift they're wanting;
Thire mony a kindly word he fpake,^ Since we for yielding are defign'd,
That fet my heart a glowing. We chafttly fhould be granting;
He kifs'd,and vowel hi wad be mine, Then I'll comply, and marry Pate, ^
And loo'd me beft of ony; And fyne my cokernony,
That gars me like to fing finfyne, He's free to touzle,air or late,
O corn-riggs are bonny! ' Where corn-riggs are bonny.
^" "^ 7^ "^ ^T ^^ ^^ ^r ^K ^RT ^nT ~^k *^ ^K ^* ^Rr ^R* ^K ^K ^t ^* ^T ^^ ^r ^^" ^r ^K* ^r ^K ^r ^P ^^ *^ ^^ "^f W *r« W ^^ T
My Apron, Dearie.

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