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My Dear Jockev
| ^ 'S M> laddie is gang -far a -way o'er the plain, while in ibrrow behinc
iV^ forccl to remain; thib blue bells <t violets the hedges adorn, tho* r^ees are in bloflbny
•&' facet blows the thorn, no pleafirre they give me,in vain they look gajythere's nothing ea
■^ pleafe me now Jockeys away: fcrlorn I fit linging,and this is my ftrain,hafte,haftr,iiiydc
•0. — l — l P m 1 P
When lads and their laffes are on the green met,
They dance and they ling, and they laugh, and they chat,
Contented and happy with hearts full of gW,
.1 can't without envy their merriment fee.
Thofe pleasures offend me, my fhepherd's not there,
No .pleafure I relifh that Jockey dont fhare,
Tt'makes me to figh,I from tears fcarce refrain,
I wiftlmy dear Jockey returncJ back again.
But hope.fhall fultain me, nor will I defpair,
He promis'd he would in a fortnight be here;
On fond expectation my wifhes ril.fealt,
For love my dear Jockey to Jenny 'will hafte;
Then farewell each care, and adieu-each vain figh,
WWII then be fo bleft or fo happy as Ii
Pll fing on the meadows, and ahW my ftrain,
When Jockey returns to my arms back again.

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