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(29) Page 17 - Fy gar rub her o'er wi' strae

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(29) Page 17 - Fy gar rub her o'er wi' strae
gar rub her oVr wi' Strae.
gae, But if ye meet a dirty hufsy, Fy gar rub her o'er vvi* Strae.
' Be fure ye dinna quit the grip Of il- ka joy, when ye are young. Be -
_fore auld age your vi_tals nip, And lay ye twafald o'er a rung
reet youth*s a.blyth and heartfome time;
Then, lads and laffes, while 'tis May,
ae pu' the gowan- in its prime,
Before it wither and decay,
fetch the faft minutes of delyte,
j£ When Jenny fpeaks beneath her breath,
nd kiffes, -laying a"* the wyte
On you, if fhe kepp ony fkaith.
kith,ye're ill bred, fhe'll foiling fay,
Ye'U worry me, ye greedy rook;
■he frae your arms fhe'll rin away,
And hide herfell in fbme dark nook.
ler laugh will lead you to the place
Where lies the happinefs ye want,
tad plainly tell you to your face,
Nineteen nayfays are haf a grant.
ifovr to her heaving bofom cling,
And fweetly toolie for a kifs:
"rae her fair finger whoop a ring,
, As taiken of a future blifs.
ftpfe bennifons, I'm Very fure,
Are of the gods indulgent grant;
fhen, furry carles, whifht, forbear
■lb plague up wi' your whining cant.
Same Tune. Sang by PaTTE.
DEAR Roger, if your Jenny geek,
And anfwer kindnefs wa' a flight,
Seem unconcern d at her neglect,
For women in a man delight,
But them defpife who're foon defeat,
And with a fimple face give way
To a repulfe; — not blate,
Pufh bauldly on, and win the day.
When maidens, innocently young,
Say aften what they never mean,
Ne'er mind their pretty lying tongue,
But tent the language of their een.
If thefe agree, and fhe' perfift
To anfwer a' your love with hate,
Seek elfewhere to be better blefs'd;
And let her figh when 'tis too late.

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