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Pleasant and Diver tive. 321
THE Sun had loos'd his weary Team,
And turn'd his Steeds a grazing ;
Ten Fathoms deep in Neptunes Stream,
His Thetis was embracing :
The Stars they tripp'd in the Firmament,
Like Milkmaids on a May-day ;
Or Country Lasses a Mumming sent,
Or School Boys on a Play-day,
Apace came on the grey-ey'd Morn,
The Herds in Fields were lowing ;
And 'mongs-t the Poultry in the Barn,
The Ploughman's Cock sate crowing :
When Roger dreaming of Golden Joys,
Was wak'd by a bawling Rout, Sir ;
For Cisly told him, he needs must rise,
His Juggy was crying out, Sir.
Not half so quickly the Cups go round,
At the tapping a good Ale Firkin ;
As Roger, Hosen and Shoon had found,
And Button'd his Leather Jerkin :
Gray Mare was saddl'd with wondrous speed,
With Pillion on Buttock right Sir •
And thus he to an old Midwife ride,
To bring the poor Kid to light, Sir.
Up, up dear Mother, then Roger crys,
The Fruit of my Labour's now come ;
In Juggy V Belly it sprawling lies,
And cannot get out till you come :
I'll help it, crys the old Hag, ne'er doubt,
Thy Jug shall be well again, Boy ;
I'll get the Urchin as safely out,
As ever it did get in, Boy.
The Mare now bustles with all her feet,
No whipping or Spurs were wanting ;
At last into the good House they get,
And Mew, soon cry'd the bantling :

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