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Songs Compleat,
Pleasant and Divertive, &c.
A Mad Song.
By a Lady distracted with Love. Sung in
one of my Comedies of Don Quixote :
The Notes to it done by the late famous
Mr. Henry Purcell ; which, by reason
of their great Length, are not Printed
in this Book, but may be found at the
Musick Booksellers singly, or in his Or-
pheus Brittannicus ; pei'forming in the
Ttme all the Degrees of Madness.
******* <*■ Rom
{Sullenly Mad.]
rosie Bowers, where sleeps the
God of Love,
Hither, ye little waiting Cupids, fly,
fly, fly,
******** H^her, ye little waiting Cupids, fly.
Teach me in soft melodious Strains to move
In tender Passion my Heart's darling Joy.
Ah, let the Soul of Musick tune my Voice,
To win dear Strephon, who my soul enjoys.

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