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An Alphabetical TABLE.
YE Beaus of Pleasure, 1 2
Ye Jacks of the Town, 28
Ye Peers that in State, 32
Ye Britons aw that, 36
You love, and yet when I ask you, ' 165
You Nymphs and Sylvian Gods, 238
Young Philander woo'd me long, 266
Young Collin, cleaving of a B,eam, 291
AMongst all Characters divine, 35 6
As in Intrigues of Love we find it, 354
As when sojne mighty Monarch, 345
As when repentant Israel once distrest, 346
As when Hiperion with victorious 357
Brave is that Poet that dares draw, 35 1
Come Spouse, to talk in Mode now, 353
If this strange Vice in all good, 34 2
In this wise Town two Games precedence, 337
In hopes the coming Scenes your, 348
In sweet Retirement, freed from, \ 359
'Mongst our Forefathers, that pure, 350
When the New World all Laws, 339

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