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and Hardness of their Composition ; being
written, and difficultly made apt, and proper
to wonderful and uncommon Tunes, which
the best Masters of Musick were then
famous for; And I must presume to say,
scarce any other Man could have perform'd
the like, my double Genius for Poetry and
Musick giving me still that Ability which
others perhaps might want ; nor was the
Encouragement inconsiderable ; for as well
as obliging the Nobility, Gentry, and Com-
monalty, I had the Satisfaction of divert-
ing Royalty likewise with my Lyrical
Performances: And when I have per-
form'd some of my own Things before
their Majesties King CHARLES the
lid, King JAMES, King WILLIAM,
Queen MARY,. Queen ANNE, and
Prince GEORGE, I never went off with-
out happy and commendable Approbation.
The Remembrance of my Success at that
time, makes me hope the present Affair,
vol. i. b My

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