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lessen the Value I have for the rest of my
Noble Subscribers, I have desisted in that
particular ; and hope this General Address
will more exert my Duty, and increase your
I am oblig'd first then to acknowledge
my Obligations for your ready and willing
Compliance : And also secondly to de-
clare, that to oblige ye, and compleat your
Diversion, I have added above a Hundred
new Pieces to the Publick Stock, and hope,
as the rest have generally had Applause
above others of this kind, they will happily
be receivd by you when read or perform'd
in your merry and vacant Hours.
I have (with a great deal of Trouble
and Pains) made some part of this Collec-
tion, and render'd ye many of the Old
Pieces which were thought well of in former
Days, and consider'd for their Pleasure

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