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Vauluisant, 28th April 1548, is interesting as giving a
probable reason for the urgency of settling the date of
Mary Stuart’s majority. After alluding to the designs
of the King of England upon the safety of the little Queen,
and the Governor’s acceptance of the plan for bringing
her to the safe-keeping of the French King, the letter goes
on to promise to the Governor, during the Queen’s minority,
‘ the whole government during his lifetime,’ and also, on
account of the great expense to which he has been put,
in which he had * employed and used up his wealth and
that of his children,’ that after the Queen’s majority he
would be held clear of all claims contracted during her
minority.1 The letter also provides for the upholding of
the Governor’s authority in all matters during that time.
The date of this letter is the same as that of the King of
France’s promise concerning the marriage of the son of
the Earl of Arran,2 and the copy, lately found by the
editor among the Hamilton MSS., is certified by the
Clerk Register between 1541-9. It is curious that, at the
time of the Civil War, the Duke of Hamilton should have
taken the trouble to have the question of the position
of the Earl of Arran investigated, and, as there is also a
copy of a further letter from Henri n. dated Paris, 13th
August 1543, confirmed by another from the Dauphin
Francois, dated 17th June 1549, recognising the claim of
voulons et desirons favoriser en toutes choses et mesmement en sondict gouverne-
ment et auctorite luy adresserons tout le secours et forces que nous envoyerons
cy apres audict pays, Comme desia nous y adressons le secours que nous y
envoyons, En tesmoing de ce nous avons signe les presentes de nostre main et a
scelles faict mettre et apposer nostre seel. Donne a 1’abbaye de Vauluysant le
xxviijme jour d’avril 1’an de grace mil cinq cens quarante huit et de nostre Regne
le deuxiesme.
Signed Henry, countersigned De 1’Aubespine.
Hec est vera copia Originalis Script! Testant, meis signo et
subscriptione manualibus Alex. Gibsone, Cls. Regri.
1 See also the particular articles appointed between the Queen’s grace and my
lord governor, 19th February 1553. Hist. MSS. Commission, Report xi. p. 40.
2 Balcarres Papers, vol. i. p. 197.

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