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Reportage Scotland

The historical extracts used in this website come from the book Reportage Scotland, edited by Louise Yeoman and published by Luath Press, in association with the National Library of Scotland, in 2000.

Historian Louise Yeoman's trawl through the manuscripts, book and newspaper archives of the National Library of Scotland has discovered the answers to these questions and more. An astonishing range of material is presented in the book, from a letter to the King of the Picts to Mary Queen of Scots's own account of the murder of David Riccio; from the execution of William Wallace to accounts of anti-poll tax actions and the opening of the new Scottish Parliament. The book takes pieces from the original French, Latin, Gaelic and Scots and makes them accessible to the general reader, often for the first time.

'Louise's book is absolutely inspired - a splendid selection of the quirky and the quintessential from Scotland's rumbustious history.' Magnus Magnusson

Paperback - 504 pages
Luath Press (May 2000)
ISBN: 0946487618

Available from all good bookshops, or online at