Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922)

How to sell by telephone.


THIS is a Bulletin for the retailer who
wishes to double the number of his good
class customers.

The average number of customers per shop
in England and Wales is only seventy-seven.
This booklet, therefore, is of interest to every

What is more, it is the first book in this
country, as far as I know, written about this
new subject.

We, in Britain, are amateurs at selling by
telephone. We have not yet brought phoning
down to a science as they have in Canada and

Few of us have realized, as yet, how selling
by telephone can increase net profits, reduce
overhead costs per sale, and speed up stock

The first dealer in every town to buy this
book and use the ideas in it will surely beat
his competitors.

Not that telephone salesmanship is easy. It
is one of the hardest ways of selling. The
customer is just a voice. The salesman cannot
see her expression. He has to handle the sale
by ear, as if he were blind.

He is selling to a blind woman, too. She