James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879)

Lecture on Thomson's galvanometer : delivered to a single pupil in an alcove with drawn curtains


[May 16, 1872


YEAR 1872

EGE.—One Scholarship, value 70l.
d tenable for three years, is generally
wo such Natural Science Scholar-
ion of Miss Brakenbury, and a third
y the College. Papers are set in
and Biology; the Examination in
gy will be partly practical if neces-
if Members of the University, must
ight Terms from their Matriculation,
kes place in November.

—Not less than one Studentship, of
5l., together with rooms rent free, and
rs from the day of Election. The
nation are Physics, Chemistry, and
andidate is expected to offer him-
in more than two of the three. Can-
ve exceeded the age of twenty on the
ding the election. The Examination
e of February.

—One open Scholarship, value 80l.
sionally given. It is tenable to the
h Term from the Scholar’s Matricu-
t in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology;
expected in more than two subjects.
ve to satisfy the Electors of their
e ordinary Classical Examinations
iversity. Candidates must not on
on be full twenty-four years old.
kes place in October, and full notice
ne. Two Scholarships have been

EGE.—One or more Demyships, value
usive of all allowances, and tenable
ed that the holder does not accept
hich will, in the judgment of the
ith the completion of his University
will be eligible who shall have at-
twenty years. In conducting the
ons will be put relating to General
y, and to Biology, including Human
Anatomy and Physiology, with the
ssification and distribution of Plants
clear and exact knowledge of the
e of the above-mentioned Sciences
a more general and less accurate
more than one. The Examination
Chemistry will be partly practical,
didates have also to satisfy the
ility to pass the ordinary Classical
red by the University, and for this
-a. To translate a passage of English
To bring up for Examination one
ortion, such as five books of Homer,
or any equivalent; one Latin author,
s the Georgics, or five books of the
r three books of the Odes and the
f Horace, or any other equivalent.
ions in Greek and Latin Grammar.
ence, however, in Natural Science will
nsate for any deficiency which Can-
vn in the Classical part of the Exami-
will be required to bring with them a
with testimonials of good conduct and
over a period of at least three years,
ter of their School, or from the Pri·
m they may have been reading. The
without any restriction as to place
n to all Candidates, whether already
niversity or not, who are found to
amed conditions. The Examination
will be held in common with Merton College, at the
same time and with the same Papers. Each Candidate
will be considered as standing, in the first instance, at
the College at which he has put down his name, and, un-
less he has then given notice to the contrary, will
be regarded as standing at the other College also.
The Examination usually commences on the first Tuesday
in October. No Entrance Fees or Caution Money are
required by the College. The University Fees payable on
Matriculation amount to 2l.IOS.

MERTON COLLEGE.—One Postmastership, value 80l.
per annum, tenable for five years, or so long as the holder
does not accept any appointment incompatible with the full
pursuance of the University studies. Papers will be set
in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology; and an opportunity
will be given of showing a knowledge of practical work
in Chemistry and Biology. The Postmastership will be
given for special excellence in one subject, or for excellence
in two of the three subjects; but no Candidate will be
examined in more than two subjects. There is no limit
of age for the Candidates, but a limit of six Terms of
University standing. The Examination will be held in
common with Magdalen College at the same time, and
with the same Papers. Each Candidate will be con-
sidered as standing, in the first instance, at the College at
which he has put down his name, and, unless he has given
notice to the contrary, will be regarded as standing at
the other College also.

NEW COLLEGE.—Candidates for Exhibitions may
offer to be examined in Natural Science, in addition to
the Classical Examination, or in lieu thereof. There is
no restriction of age, but no Candidate must have
already entered on residence in another College or Hall.
The Examination usually takes place in March.

— One Scholar is elected every year in Lent Term.
Candidates must have passed all the Examinations
necessary for the Degree of B.A., and not have exceeded
the twenty-seventh Term from their Matriculation. The
Examination is in Geology, and in Chemistry and Biology
as bearing on Geology.—Radcliffe’s Travelling Fellow-
—One Fellowship, value 200l. per annum, and tenable
for three years, is filled up each year in Lent Term. For
conditions of Examination and Election, see “The Oxford
University Calendar.”


                  DRAWN CURTAINS

THE lamp-light falls on blackened walls,
And streams through narrow perforations;
The long beam trails o’er pasteboard scales,
With slow-decaying oscillations.
Flow, current! flow ! set the quick light-spot flying !
Flow, current ! answer, light-spot ! flashing, quivering,

O look ! how queer ! how thin and clear,
And thinner, clearer, sharper growing,
This gliding fire, with central wire
The fine degrees distinctly showing.
Swing, magnet! swing ! advancing and receding;
Swing, magnet! answer, dearest, what’s your final reading ?

O love! you fail to read the scale
Correct to tenths of a division;
To mirror heaven those eyes were given,
And not for methods of precision.
Break, contact ! break ! set the free light-spot flying !
Break, contact ! rest thee, magnet ! swinging, creeping,