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4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders;
son of Alexander
Silver; born Harvieston
Farm, Kinneff, 14 Sep-
tember 1894; edu-
cated Gordon's
College ; entered Aber-
deen University to
study Agriculture in
At the outbreak of
war he went with " U "
Company to Bedford
where he became a
great favourite not only
with his fellow-students but throughout the Battal-
ion. Cooking for a company was no " catch " in
those days, but " Sandy " cheerfully accepted the
job with all the drudgery it entailed. In this
capacity he left with the Battalion for France in
February 19 15. It did not take long under
active service conditions to show that there was
the real fighting stuff in Silver. After repeated
attempts he got relieved of the job which afforded
him comparative safety. Alongside his old
fellow-students in the trenches, he was supremely
happy. Hardships seemed less real when Silver
shared them. He took part with the company
in the attack from Sanctuary Wood (Hooge) on
25 September 19 15 and was subsequently posted
as missing.
6th Battalion Cameron Highlanders ;
son of John Adams,
compositor; born
Edinburgh, 6 March
1890; M.A. (I Mod.
Lang.), Glasgow;
student in Law, Aber-
deen, 1913-15.
Adams joined the
6th Cameron High-
landers in March 1 9 1 5 ,
was trained at Basing-
stoke, and then crossed
to France. After only a
few months' service, he
fell in action at Loos on 26 September 1915.
ANDERSON, JAMES: Private, 4th Bat-
talion Gordon Highlanders; son of John-
Anderson, fisherman ;
born Portnockie, 29
April 1892 ; educated
,at Portnockie Public
School and Fordyce \
Academy ; student in
Arts, 1911-14.
During his 3rd year
at the University he
enlisted in the former
"U" Company, i/4th
Gordon Highlanders,
and at the Front was a
member of the Snipers'
Section. In June 1915 his CO. reported that
he had distinguished himself in the Field. He
was among the missing after the action at Hooge,
25 September 1915. Subsequently it was re-
ported that he had died on 26 September
19 1 5 as a prisoner of war at Giessen, Ger-
many, from wounds received the previous day.
Those who knew him in the Snipers' Section
found him a sterling comrade, full of humour,
cool and daring in the face of danger.
4th Battalion Cameron Highlanders ;
son of Peter Tawse,
contractor ; born Aber-
deen, 14 September
1884; educated
Gordon's College ; en-
tered the University,
1 90 1 ; graduated M.A.
(II Math.), 1905;
B.Sc, 1906. After
graduation he opened
a Civil Service and
Business College in
Inverness, and this
venture was proving it-
self a conspicuous success when war broke
During his University career Tawse was a
member of " U " Company. In August 19 14 he
enlisted in the 4th Camerons and went to France
with the Battalion, rising to the rank of Sergeant
and doing excellent work as a N.C.O. He

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